Last Minute Halloween Fancy Dress Essentials

It’s the night of Friday the 30th October and you’re freaking out as you’ve got a Halloween party to attend tomorrow night and you have nothing to wear? Well don’t worry girls I’ve got you covered by this super simple yet Halloween appropriate doll costume idea, plus some makeup tips to have you spookily transformed in hardly no time at all.

 Main outfit essentials: Grab that little black dress that’s hanging in your wardrobe and pair it with whatever coloured tights you wish.

Top Tip: If you want to look extra doll-like grab a pair of nude/sheer tights and with a black sharpie or any black marker draw one closed curve bracket line above your knee onto the tights and one closed curve bracket line below your knee onto the tights to make your knees look like their on hinges, repeat this on both parts of your tights…Like so in the picture below↓

Essential Number 2: Pair this with any dark coloured cardigan you have. (Even if you’re going to a house party and you’ll be inside in the warm its always nice just to throw something over your shoulders just incase you happen to go outside or if you’re wearing a strapless dress like myself.)

Essential Number 3: Pair this outfit with any pumps/ flat shoes and would you believe it your outfit is sorted! Easy right?

Now for the best bit…

Makeup essentials: In my opinion, the best bit about fancy dress on Halloween is the makeup because you can do whatever you want and no one will care what you look like, the messier the better! These are my Halloween makeup essentials…

Makeup Essential Number 1: For this specific look you can stick with your usual foundation routine or like I will be doing is using a mattifying foundation with high coverage to recreate a matte, clear complexion like a doll by using L’Oreal’s Infallible 24H-MATTE foundation.

Makeup Essential Number 2: Any dark eye shadow palette/ singular dark eye shadows you have will work a dream! Opt for a dark smoky eye by covering your lid with a medium brown colour and blend a dark brown/ black shadow into your crease. Done.(The Nudes palette by Maybelline is perfect for this!)

Top Tip: For an extra dimension to your eye add a dramatic winged liner and don’t forget to give your lashes an extra coating of mascara You can even add a pair of exaggerate fake lashes to really enhance and lengthen your lashes to appear more doll-like!

Makeup Essential Number 3: If you want to give the impression that you’re a living doll, add lots of blush to the apples of your cheeks or if you want to opt for a dead doll, skip this step.

Top Tip: Depending on the ‘dolls state’ that you want to go for (dead or alive) you can either choose to matte out your lips with foundation or add a brightly coloured lipstick, your choice.

Finally, seeing as it’s Halloween no fancy dress look is complete without some fake blood. Luckily this is really cheap and can be found in many shops (Superdrug, 99p stores, etc..) for a very cheap price. Dab or drip this onto your face or body and you’ll be good to go 🙂

So there it is a super quick, easy yet effective doll inspired fancy dress idea! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it some what helpful. I’d love to know what you’re going as for Halloween so make sure to tweet me @brown_eyed_teen

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and make sure you have lots of fun but most importantly stay safe, I heard Dracula’s thirsty.

MWHAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry had to be done.

Love Lucy



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