The Self Love Challenge 13

The Self Love Challenge 13Whilst on twitter, I came across a notification that I had been nominated by Francesca Rose from to do ‘The Self Love Challenge 13’,which was originally started by Alexandra from (Make sure to go check these girls blogs out!)

I found the whole concept of this tag rather pleasing, as the encouraging message to love yourself for who you are, is something that doesn’t get enough attention and is easily covered by the ” I hate this” and “I hate that”s. The media has brainwashed many people into believing that you should look, act and dress a specific way, which of course hasn’t given people the best of confidence. So instead of the media being flooded with negative influences, lets spread a bit of positivity and join me in writing down 13 things you love about yourself! If I can do it I’m certain you can too!

(Oh.. and remember there really are no excuses…you don’t need a blog post to do this! Grab a pen and paper and you’re good to go!) Remember this isn’t the easiest of things for people to write so just take that into consideration before anyone gets the wrong idea about this tag and accuses anyone of being stuck up and vain because that is totally the wrong idea.

The Rules:

1. Write 13 things you love about yourself

2.Nominate 13 more bloggers or vloggers

3. Share on social media with the hashtag #TheSelfLoveChallenge13

So here are my 13 things I love about myself:
1. I love my determination to succeed in life and my desire to become fluent in Spanish.
2. I love my brows because they’re thick, arched and o’natural.
3. I love my kind nature, I have great pride and happiness from helping and being nice to others.
4. I love how I grow so attached to new books that I read.
5. I love how I have the most amazing friends and such a supporting family, that I couldn’t be more thankful for.
6. Although naturally I’m quite a shy-quiet person around people I don’t know, I love the fact that I’m in my comfort zone performing and even found myself winning an end of year 11, year group drama award, which people would never presume unless they knew me personally.
7. I love my sensitivity and to those I care about I would, without any hesitation, go the extra mile whatever the case to make them happy.
8. Becoming a much stronger person after experiencing a really rough time in my life from utter bitchiness and purely spiteful personalities.
9. I love how I treasure memories by keeping souvenirs to keep the memory alive for as long as possible.
10. I love how committed I am to my journal… I know it sounds stupid, but I love having a place to write down all my memories and rollercoaster of teenage emotions.
11. I love how I made ‘thatbrowneyedteen’ by myself and achieved something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. *CELEBRATORY DANCE*
12. I love how the little gestures mean the most to me.
13. I love how I can make other people laugh and am not afraid to make a fool of myself, which if you unaware happens to me on a regular basis.
I hope you found this interesting to read and hopefully inspired YOU to complete #TheSelfLoveChallenge13 yourself,
                                                                               Love Lucy
Head over to my twitter @brown_eyed_teen and come say hello, would love to speak to you guys! 😀 X

2 thoughts on “The Self Love Challenge 13

  1. Hi Lucy! Sorry for my late reply. However I must say a HUGE thank you for doing this challenge. You really understood what this was about. I am so happy for the positive messages that I read about this challenge. I had no idea that this will ever happen. All I had always wanted was to make people feel good in their skin, to make them give up on the media idea of perfection. I have thick eyebrows too and I love them. I also have the desire of becoming fluent on Spanish. I love foreign languages, that’s why today I know English, French, Spanish, a little bit of Italian and I am currently learning German. I love journals too and the idea of having one, even if I always forget to write in it. Love your post about the challenge! Again, thank you for writing it! Hope you have a lovely week!

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    1. Hi Alexandra! Not a problem at all, I loved writing it! Oh wow.. now that’s impressive! I also would love to learn Italian too, as I have family from there 🙂 Aw well thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I must admit I love reading your blog and cant wait for your future posts. Hope you have a lovely week also and it was nice hearing from you! Lucy x


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