The McBusted Tag
1.When did you find out about McBusted?

To be perfectly honest I’m not quite sure when I found out about McBusted…it was either when my parents noticed their tour dates were first released in their newspaper or when I watched their press conference that made them official, one of those two.Yet one thing I do remember was when I first saw Busted live at Powderham Castle and McFly supported them. I obviously had to leave with a diamante cowgirl hat, that they were selling on stands, as I thought I was the bee’s knees – Clearly not. Although, I must admit we did end up eating KFC right at the back of the swarm of people – as little me would never of been able to see anyway! Surely they must of been queuing since 3am – see what I did there 😉


2.First song you heard?

Of course the first song I heard was Air Guitar, which I absolutely loved! As soon as I saw the music video and started to sing my heart out to the catchy lyrics, they soon became my favourite band! Their music video reminded me of playing Guitar Hero when I was little with my older brother, who was always the Judd of the family, drumming away on any surface insight.


3.Have you ever seen them live?

Fortunately I have seen them live twice. Firstly at Bournemouth (BIC Windsor Hall) on the 21/04/14 at the OMFG Tour and the second time was the following year – the day of my 16th birthday at The Most Excellent Adventure Tour (MEAT),where myself and my two friends were lucky enough to see them play at the O2 Arena in London – the date they just so happened to be filming for their DVD. Their concerts are by far the best and I cant wait to see how they top their 2016 tour! I’m excited already!


4.Have you ever met them?

Sadly, I have never met them…Yet my dad has met Danny, which is so unfair! He most kindly sent me a picture of them both – arms draped round each others shoulders, sporting the most cheesiest of grins. But receiving this in the post settles for the next best thing, don’t you think?


5.Are you followed by them on twitter?

My personal twitter account is followed my James, which practically made my year! I was left cartwheeling up and down my landing, screaming from the top of my yeah I think I handled it in a pretty calm manner :/


6.Favourite song?

I don’t think I could possibly choose just 1 song…However I must say I always find myself flicking through my playlists and listening to Sensitive Guy quite a lot! My favourite lyric being “I’m on a diet but I’m not getting thinner”. Not forgetting the mention of Tom’s sister – Carrie, in the song, who I absolutely adore! Not only is she such a talented author but herself along with Tom and Gi (Tom’s wife – who is also an excellent author) make amazing YouTube videos…Definitely check them out if you haven’t already! (Their links will be at the end of this tag.)


7.Do you have any merch/posters?

Woops…My purse is still recovering. My personal favourites I bought were the hoodie and T-shirt with the band as cartoon characters on but no I don’t have any posters…yet.

8.Who is your favourite member?

I love every single member, they’re all just sooo incredibly talented! But if I had to choose I would have to say either Tom or James are my favourites. I say favourites because there’s no chance I would be able to choose just one. Sorry.


9.Were you already a McFly/Busted fan and when from?

Since as long as I can remember I’ve been a massive McFly fan. My brother would fetch his acoustic guitar from the back of his wardrobe and would strum (out of tune, might I add) to the their song Obviously, while I would be singing along in my Barbie pyjamas, performing to our mum and dad. Also both myself and my sibling were huge Busted fans and practically had every song memorised, including Thunderbirds which of course was one of our favourite films to watch together.


10.What’s your favourite McFly/Busted song?

Although my favourite McFly song has always been Obviously, I don’t think you can beat Star Girl or Five Colours In Her Hair, which are both my favourite songs to see live! Whereas my favourite Busted song would either be the classic Air Hostess or Meet You There 🙂

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