Book Review: Remix by Non Pratt

From the author of ‘Trouble’ comes a novel of boys, bands and best mates.

Do you know the feeling when you fall completely in love…with a book? If your answer to this question is YES, you should of experienced a certain love for specific characters, been intrigued by descriptive words neatly covering each page of a book and of course been swept away by the story line behind it all. This is what I experienced whilst reading REMIX by Non Pratt! However if your answer to this question is NO, I don’t frankly have the words to describe just what you’re missing out on.

It all begins after their GSCE whirlwind, both 16-year-old Kaz and Ruby are eager to let their locks down and what better place to do that, than at Remix festival.

3 days, 2 best mates, 1 music festival yet zero chance of everything working out.

So by first introduction to the best friends, I was instantly attached to their vivid characters due to their real, risible and relatable personalities- it brought me back to June this year with my best friends, dancing around in wellies with no care in the world, neon face paint, cat eye flicks and a f*** tonne of Mountain Dew- a bottle in one hand and a mountainous stash back in our tent. But to be perfectly honest, Ruby seems much more confident in her approach to love as I ever have been before, although, as the pages were turned- the important development of their friendship was at the core of the book, which made me fall in love with Non’s writing, more than I ever thought was imaginable.

Kaz’s apprehensive mother provides her virgin daughter with a wad of twenty-four condoms, just to make sure her little “chicken” is safe, though Kaz only has eyes for one guy- her ex, Tom. Meanwhile, Ruby’s parents are ashamed of her poor exam results, whilst Ruby’s furious at her cheating Ex boyfriend- Stu.

Before the tent pegs are even hammered into the ground familiar faces start to appear and issues start to unfold. Be ready for three days of snogs, sex, sick, drinks, tears and a heck load of drama! Pratt captures real teenage experiences through the use of hectic alternating passages from each girls perspective. A well-written, quick read which will leave you searching for your Ray Ban Clubmasters and pining to buy festival tickets in a matter of minutes.

Not forgetting to mention I read this book in under a day, which might I add never happens! I’m usually too absorbed into my phone watching Zoe and Alfie’s videos till early hours of the morning.

Us girls know what it’s like to be completely head over converse for a certain band or band member and plastering every inch of our walls with topless posters of them, posed like their advertising for Abercrombie and Fitch and secretly smooching them whilst parents aren’t on patrol.. if this sounds like you and I know it does! Then Remix is the book for you…A read not regretted, I promise.

Where to buy Remix by Non Pratt:

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